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UNC lost a lot of games, look at the puppy!, only democrat left, look at the puppy!, Rhodes scholarship winner, look at the puppy!, Roscoe P. Coltrane, puppies, landfills, and more puppies!

Y Laugh?!

Zach Ward comes in to the studio to talk about Y LAUGH.

DSI Comedy Theater proudly hosts the 9th Annual Y LAUGH Comedy Fundraiser for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA. Featuring the Dual Duel (Our Annual Comedy Duo Challenge), Critically Acclaimed improv from PT Scarborough and the return of 24LIVE! our 24-Hour Comedy Marathon.

Y programs teach young people important values such as caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Through a variety of fun and rewarding activities, they develop valuable skills while they gain confidence and self-esteem. You simply cannot put a price on enriching the character of a child.

We are honored to have DSI Comedy Theater partner with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA. DSI is not only dedicated to making people laugh, but Zach Ward and his creative group believe in contributing to the overall good of our community. — Drew Smith, YMCA Development Director

Without the help of organizations like DSI, we would be leaving kids out of vital experiences like after school care and summer camps, programs that keep them safe and shape their futures. — Greg Lee, YMCA Membership Director


For $15 you can come and go ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Buy a Bracelet for the Entire Weekend!


7PM STUDENT SHOWCASE (Our Standup 101/201 Students)

8PM DUAL DUEL (Comedy Duo Challenge, Round 1)

9PM DUAL DUEL (Comedy Duo Challenge, Round 2)

FRIDAY SEPT 24, 2010

700pm 24LIVE! Starts (GUARANTEED Family-friendly until 9pm)


1130pm 24LIVE! Continues ALL NIGHT LONG!


12am-1130am 24LIVE! gets crazy delirious … FOR THE KIDS!

12pm – 5pm Family-friendly Improv Block (featuring Magic at 1pm!)

3pm Youth Joke Contest ($2 to tell a joke, Top 3 jokes win prizes!)

6pm – 7pm 24LIVE! Ends With A Bang!

730pm IMPROV SLAM (GUARANTEED Family-friendly)

930 PT SCARBOROUGH and DUAL DUEL Comedy Duo Championship

Buy a Bracelet for the Entire Weekend!

Are you WILLING to be a 24-Hour Audience Member?

We Want You!

Make the 24-Hour CORE Audience commitment online.

Robert Bapst Themed Headlines

AARON: It’s the final edition of DSI Witness News: Robert Bapst Tribute Week. I’m Aaron Keck.

MOLLY: I’m Molly Buckley.

ZACH: I’m Zach Ward. And with us once again is our soon-to-be-departed writer, Robert Bapst.

ROBERT: Hey everybody.

ZACH: It’s been a fun and bittersweet week here at DSI Witness News, but the time has come to send Robert off for real.

MOLLY: And we thought, what better way to do it than by having Ron Stutts sing his own karaoke version of Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye?

AARON: But unfortunately, Ron wouldn’t go for it. So we’re doing headline jokes instead.

ZACH: So without further ado—

ROBERT: Here are your Robert Bapst-themed top headlines.

Where’s Robert Bapst?

We miss him already and he hasn’t even left.

Luke Warm Diggity Days

Zach Ward comes and does bits with Walter Storholt about Hot Diggity Days.

Zach Does Hillsborough Bits

Zach Ward came in the 1360 WCHL studios this morning to talk with Ron Stutts about Hillsborough. Bits ensued.

A Whole Year!

DSI Witness News is pleased to celebrate a full year on the air with WCHL.  Thanks for listening… to all of us.

Basketball Tears

UNC Basketball, “Marry Me, Ron Stutts!” promotion going well, new Assistant Manager at Carrboro’s Farmers’ Market, Carrboro KFC closing, Polk Place protest, Chapel Hill and Carrboro applying for Google’s ultra-high-speed internet, Seniors Night at Duke-UNC game, Carolina women’s tennis team #2 in country. Molly Buckley, Kit FitzSimons.

Casual Friday LIVE

Zach Ward and Aurora Joplin present the headlines — live and unscripted! Zach Ward, Molly Buckley.

Dance Marathon

UNC’s 12th Annual Dance Marathon was held last month to raise money for the NC Children’s Hospital. More than 1000 students stood and danced for an entire day to raise $400,000 — a new record for the event. Joining DSI Witness News to share her experience participating at Dance Marathon is current Carolina student, Kaitlyn Forshore. Zach Ward, Molly Buckley.