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What a Drag Racing!

“DSI Witness News is taking a well-deserved break this holiday season–but before we do, we’re sending out 2010 with our Best Week Ever! First up: Zach and Kit bring you the week’s top headlines, including more football controversy, downtown drag racing, and–of course–John Edwards!”

Unnecessary Censorship Take Two

Kit FitzSimons brings you this week’s top headlines – with a whole lot of BEEP sound.

Shopping Stampedes!

Christmas shopping has begun, shopper stampedes in unlikely places, a goldfish with a tumor, a new use for play-doh, and Ride with Ron part two!


UNC lost a lot of games, look at the puppy!, only democrat left, look at the puppy!, Rhodes scholarship winner, look at the puppy!, Roscoe P. Coltrane, puppies, landfills, and more puppies!

Romeo & Juliet: Western Style

An eighth case of rabies, NCAA sanctions and investigations, the tutor discovered, and Kit and Molly perform a snippet of Western Romeo & Juliet.

Woody Biomass is Sufficiently Charitable

Daylight savings time, reliving the past, Tanger Outlets, UNC Mens Basketball Team, RSVVP day.

It’s a Hot Dog Kinda Day

A man named Steven Pruner is saying he has a constitutional right to sell hot dogs on the street after authorities in Durham ordered him to shut down the mobile cart he’d been operating without a permit. Specifically, Pruner says, the Second Amendment protects the God-given right of ALL Americans to keep and bear Armours.

We Jinxed It

Homegrown Halloween, elaborate costumes, and DSI witness news jinxes things for good.

Actual News That Actually Happened

Molly and Kit bring you headlines and news of things that ACTUALLY happened.

Sincere Apology to Carrboro

One-millionth fair attendee, Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools are good with technology, bars and restaurants giving stuff on Halloween, forgery by uttering, those benefiting from Houston’s absence, and an apology to the Carrboro Jaguars.