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Aurora the Pie Judge

This past weekend, local residents showed off their baking skills at the South Estes Farmer’s Market as they held their first-ever Pie Cook-Off. Three judges were on hand to decide the winner, but a fourth judge showed up at the last minute to serve as the, quote, “deciding factor, man.” Here with us today to share her experiences is self-proclaimed pie connoisseur and Carrboro citizen extraordinaire, Ms. Aurora Joplin.

Molly and Aaron Confess Their Sins

Molly and Aaron are confessing their sins to the Reverend Ron Stutts.

Marry Me, Ron Stutts – The Alternatives

AARON: It’s another edition of DSI Witness News. I’m Aaron Keck.

MOLLY: I’m Molly Buckley. Last Sunday at Top of the Hill, Ryan and Celeste Evans were married as part of WCHL’s Marry Me Ron Stutts contest, a 30,000-dollar wedding ceremony that included over a dozen area businesses and took nearly a year to plan.

AARON: And the DSI Witness News writing staff was thrilled and honored to have been able to participate.

MOLLY: Or at least we would have been.

AARON: If we’d been invited.

MOLLY: But we weren’t.

AARON: No hard feelings, though.

MOLLY: No, none at all.

AARON: But you may be wondering out there: what’s next? What could WCHL possibly do to top a massive event like THAT?

MOLLY: Well, we’ve managed to obtain an internal document here at the WCHL office with a list of some of the alternative promotions that WCHL has considered, to follow up on the success—

AARON: —of Marry Me Ron Stutts.

Aurora Joplin Sings Happy Birthday

Today is Thursday, June 10th, 2010 which means Summer is almost here, kids are getting ready to be out of school, and it’s the day in which WCHL’s and OUR beloved RON STUTTS came into this world all those years ago. You know, so many people wake up EVERY morning waiting to hear that sweet sound of the voice of Ron Stutts. He has so many fans. But we all know who Ron’s BIGGEST fan is. And that fan is here with us today to wish Ron Stutts the Happy Birthday he so deserves. So please, welcome to the studio self-proclaimed neti pot spokeswoman and Carrboro citizen par excellence extraordinaire, Aurora Joplin.

Zach Does Hillsborough Bits

Zach Ward came in the 1360 WCHL studios this morning to talk with Ron Stutts about Hillsborough. Bits ensued.

Dalai Ron Stutts!

With the Carrboro Board of Alderman affirming the right to abortion for town employees and UNC researching testing a procedure that zaps men with ultrasound waves to prevent pregnancy, Orange County’s already low birth rate may go even lower.  Marcia Spector with the Chapel Hill Generation Foundation joins DSI Witness News to explain the danger. Aaron Keck, Molly Buckley.