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Robert Bapst Themed Headlines

AARON: It’s the final edition of DSI Witness News: Robert Bapst Tribute Week. I’m Aaron Keck.

MOLLY: I’m Molly Buckley.

ZACH: I’m Zach Ward. And with us once again is our soon-to-be-departed writer, Robert Bapst.

ROBERT: Hey everybody.

ZACH: It’s been a fun and bittersweet week here at DSI Witness News, but the time has come to send Robert off for real.

MOLLY: And we thought, what better way to do it than by having Ron Stutts sing his own karaoke version of Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye?

AARON: But unfortunately, Ron wouldn’t go for it. So we’re doing headline jokes instead.

ZACH: So without further ado—

ROBERT: Here are your Robert Bapst-themed top headlines.

Where’s Robert Bapst?

We miss him already and he hasn’t even left.

Steel Cut Hot Dogs

It’s July, and that means it’s time to celebrate National Hot Dog Month, that special time of year when folks all over America step outside to cook up some hot dogs and enjoy those warm summer nights. And joining us again today with a message for National Hot Dog Month, is Mister Steel Cut himself, Wilford Brimley.

Mr. Wifflefizz the Baby Lemur

Two young lemurs made international news last week when they escaped from a zoo in Salzburg, Austria, only to be recaptured days later–in a hotel bar. Joining us today to shed some light on all this is a very special guest from Duke University’s Lemur Center–Mr. Wifflefizz.

Robert Bapst Tribute Week

It’s the first day of Robert Bapst tribute week – a week where every piece is dedicated to Robert Bapst.

Oscar the Artist

Throughout this month, the annual SCRAPEL HILL Competition will be accepting submissions of sketches for projects made from scrap, recyclable or non-recyclable materials. The competition is open to professional artists, architects, designers, and anyone age 18 and up residing within a 250-mile radius of Chapel Hill. Well, unfortunately, there’s one artist who is not happy about his inability to submit his designs because he lives outside of the 250 mile radius. Here will us all the way from Sesame Street, Oscar the Grouch.

“Steel Cut” Brimley

January is national oatmeal month.  Long time oatmeal advocate Wilford Brimley joins DSI Witness News to explain the importance of oatmeal to diabetes prevention. Aaron Keck, Robert Bapst.

DMV Wiretapping

Federal authorities are investigating whether the former commissioner of the state Division of Motor Vehicles illegally wire tapped the phone calls of agency employees. Former Commissioner George Tatum, who resigned in 2007 amid a corruption scandal, had a special telephone in his office that allowed him to listen in on the calls of his subordinates without their knowledge. DSI Witness News shares an exclusive copy of one of the recorded phone conversations. Kit FitzSimons, Katie Barber, Robert Bapst.

Steven Seagal, Hall Monitor

Steven Seagal discusses an exciting new anti-bullying program coming on the heels of the School Violence Prevention Act that passed the General Assembly this past summer. Kit FitzSimons, Robert Bapst.

Bill Strom, Evil Genius

Former Chapel Hill Town Council member Bill Strom joins DSI Witness News to explain his abrupt and unexpected departure from Chapel Hill. Robert Bapst, Kit FitzSimons.