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@MayorMarkK SINGS “Proud Mary”

As we reported earlier, today is our last DSI Witness News show of the year. We’re taking a much-needed break this holiday season, to recharge our creative energy. And hopefully you’ve enjoyed the bits we did this week. But we figured, since today is our last show for a while, we really need to send the year out with something memorable. And so, for the next three minutes, please enjoy the REAL Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt, with his rendition of that old classic, “Proud Mary.”  Take it away, Mayor Kleinschmidt!

Kleinschmidt vs. Mayor Mel Cohen??

It’s been a fun week, but there’s one piece of business left to resolve. A couple months ago, Morganton Mayor Mel Cohen wrote a letter criticizing the Town Council for allegedly letting downtown slip into decay. Mayor Kleinschmidt responded with his own letter, but due to the fact that Morganton is still using the Pony Express to get its mail, Mayor Cohen never saw that response until just this week. And in the interest of keeping the debate going, we’ve invited him back up to Chapel Hill to offer his thoughts.

Kleinschmidt is “Otto Emission”

Chapel Hill mayor Mark Kleinschmidt is with us all week long, and so far we’ve had a lot of fun. But many of you have written in wondering: why does Mayor Kleinschmidt keep playing himself? Wouldn’t it be more fun if he got to play a wacky character too? Well, your wish is our command. And joining me to help make that happen, is UNC’s environmental mascot, Woody Biomass.

Kleinschmidt vs… Kleinschmidt?

Mark Kleinschmidt came into the studio… and then all of a sudden, Mark Kleinschmidt came into the studio. It was a battle of Who’s Who.

Kleinschmidt Reads the Headlines

It’s Aaron Keck’s 31st Birthday!!!, more information about John Edwards, LOOK AT ME! I HAVE A BADGE!, Erskine Bowles is outta here, and the Carolina Panthers are being replaced…

Mark Kleinschmidt vs. Aurora Joplin

At the WCHL Community Quiz Bowl last Thursday, a group of representatives from the Chapel Hill Town Council soundly defeated the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. And so, we’re very excited to welcome to the show today—the captain of the winning team, Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt.