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Aurora Joplin – DSIWN Woman in Business

DSI Witness News presents our own version of Women in Business featuring a woman who, sometimes does stuff, in our community: AURORA JOPLIN.

Kleinschmidt vs. Mayor Mel Cohen??

It’s been a fun week, but there’s one piece of business left to resolve. A couple months ago, Morganton Mayor Mel Cohen wrote a letter criticizing the Town Council for allegedly letting downtown slip into decay. Mayor Kleinschmidt responded with his own letter, but due to the fact that Morganton is still using the Pony Express to get its mail, Mayor Cohen never saw that response until just this week. And in the interest of keeping the debate going, we’ve invited him back up to Chapel Hill to offer his thoughts.

Kleinschmidt is “Otto Emission”

Chapel Hill mayor Mark Kleinschmidt is with us all week long, and so far we’ve had a lot of fun. But many of you have written in wondering: why does Mayor Kleinschmidt keep playing himself? Wouldn’t it be more fun if he got to play a wacky character too? Well, your wish is our command. And joining me to help make that happen, is UNC’s environmental mascot, Woody Biomass.

Kleinschmidt vs… Kleinschmidt?

Mark Kleinschmidt came into the studio… and then all of a sudden, Mark Kleinschmidt came into the studio. It was a battle of Who’s Who.

April Fools’ Announcer

When Kit unexpectedly leaves the studio, our uncredited announcer is left to deliver the April 1st episode all by himself. Bill Strom, Erskine Bowles, and Aurora Joplin all make “appearances.” Kit FitzSimons, Our Uncredited Announcer.

Eddie Brill

Correspondent Zach Ward interviews Eddie Brill of the Late Show with David Letterman.  Eddie is appearing at 9:00 pm at the Cat’s Cradle on Saturday, February 13th, as part of the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Zach Ward, Eddie Brill.

New Carrboro Poet Laureate

Carrboro artist and owner of Jackie Helvey joins DSI Witness News to describe the new selection process for the Carrboro Poet Laureate. Get your application at and apply by January 8, 2010. Kit FitzSimons.

Mayor Chilton and the Booty Virus

Carrborro Mayor Mark Chilton joins DSI Witness News to discuss… the truth.  Watch out for the Facebook “booty” virus! Zach Ward, Mark Chilton.

Friday the Thirteenth

WCHL minority owner and grand poobah Barry Leffler shares his plan to remove bad luck from the Town of Chapel Hill. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons, Barry Leffler (seriously, the real Barry Leffler).

Two Beards of Comedy

Joe Zimmerman and TJ Young, two of the four members of The Beards of Comedy, join DSI Witness News to discuss important local issues, including outdoor cats, flocks of birds, intimidating police officers, and littering banana peals. Zach Ward.