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An Aurora Joplin Arbor Day Christmas

TODAY, the Town of Chapel Hill will hold a TREE planting ceremony at the Homestead Aquatic Center in order to celebrate Arbor Day. During the ceremony, the town will receive a Tree City USA Award from the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources AND students from Mrs. Morgan’s 2nd grade class at Seawell Elementary School will help plant the ceremonial tree. Here to comment on the town of Chapel Hill’s celebration of Arbor Day is Carrboro Citizen par excellence extraordinaire Aurora Joplin.

Aurora Fought the Law

Earlier this week, North Carolinians voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new law forbidding anyone with a felony conviction on their record from running for sheriff. Joining us with a comment is former candidate for Orange County sheriff, and Carrboro citizen par excellence extraordinaire, Ms. Aurora Joplin.

Mark Kleinschmidt vs. Aurora Joplin

At the WCHL Community Quiz Bowl last Thursday, a group of representatives from the Chapel Hill Town Council soundly defeated the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. And so, we’re very excited to welcome to the show today—the captain of the winning team, Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt.

Aurora Joplin’s Love Note

If you’ve been tuning in at all today to 1360 WCHL you are well aware that TODAY is National Love Note Day. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, September 24th is National Love Note Day, a day encouraging all men and women, old and young, to write, or proclaim on the radio, a love note to that someone or something that you love. And we here at DSI Witness News knew that this was the perfect opportunity for one of your favorites to profess and further proclaim HER love for that special someone. Without further ado, DSI Witness News would like to welcome, Carrboro Citizen Par Excellence Extraordinaire, Ms. Aurora Joplin.

Aurora the Pie Judge

This past weekend, local residents showed off their baking skills at the South Estes Farmer’s Market as they held their first-ever Pie Cook-Off. Three judges were on hand to decide the winner, but a fourth judge showed up at the last minute to serve as the, quote, “deciding factor, man.” Here with us today to share her experiences is self-proclaimed pie connoisseur and Carrboro citizen extraordinaire, Ms. Aurora Joplin.

Aurora Joplin: Quidditch Player Extraordinaire

Harry Potter-mania is sweeping the nation yet again, and Chapel Hill is not immune: as WCHL reported last weekend, a group of UNC students have started their own Quidditch team. For those of you who don’t know, Quidditch is a soccer-style game played on flying broomsticks–and given that fact, we were not surprised to learn that one of our own commentators is a founding member of the UNC Quidditch Club. And so, joining us again today, is local Quidditch sensation–and Carrboronian extraordinaire–Ms. Aurora Joplin.

Aurora Joplin Plugs Harvey Wallbanger

Molly Buckley, Aurora Joplin, and guest “Gary” sit down with Ron Stutts to talk about Harvey Wallbanger: a one-woman show by Molly Buckley, opening TONIGHT (July 2nd) at 9:30PM at the DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro, North Carolina.

Knobby Bigfoot Sightings

Filling in for Aaron Keck, Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley and Zach Ward, I’m Fiona Stewart-Taylor. Last week, a man named Tim Peeler reported a close encounter with KNOBBY, the legendary 10 foot tall, blond hairy big-foot that’s stalks the Carolina wilderness. And ever since then, um, our DSI Witness News team has been–well, mysteriously disappearing. So today we’re opening up the phones for ANYONE who might have news of their whereabouts. –All right, we’ve got a call. DSI Witness News, you’re on the air.

Aurora Joplin Sings Happy Birthday

Today is Thursday, June 10th, 2010 which means Summer is almost here, kids are getting ready to be out of school, and it’s the day in which WCHL’s and OUR beloved RON STUTTS came into this world all those years ago. You know, so many people wake up EVERY morning waiting to hear that sweet sound of the voice of Ron Stutts. He has so many fans. But we all know who Ron’s BIGGEST fan is. And that fan is here with us today to wish Ron Stutts the Happy Birthday he so deserves. So please, welcome to the studio self-proclaimed neti pot spokeswoman and Carrboro citizen par excellence extraordinaire, Aurora Joplin.