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DSI Witness News is taking a well-deserved break this holiday season–but before we do, we’re sending out 2010 with our Best Week Ever! Next up: Aaron Keck sits down with Josh Cohen, a REAL Jim Henson puppeteer!

Locally Inspired Christmas Carols!

It’s Christmas season already, and that means presents, trees, toasty fires—and those old, traditional Christmas carols. Well, we here at DSI Witness News love the Christmas spirit, and so we’ve written our own, locally inspired versions of some of your favorite Christmas carols.

Zones of Adventure!

Town workers have installed energy-saving LED snowflake lights throughout the downtown area, and this Past Sunday, at the lighting ceremony, visitors enjoyed church choir carols, and free photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus. The event was well-attended, but there WAS one notable local businessman missing, and he’s here with us in the studio today to explain why. Please welcome, Gino Fontanelli.

Woody Biomass is Sufficiently Charitable

Daylight savings time, reliving the past, Tanger Outlets, UNC Mens Basketball Team, RSVVP day.

Jeremy Kepler’s Halloween Rules

This Sunday is October 31, and that means it’s time for another Chapel Hill tradition: Homegrown Halloween! But the rules for this year’s celebration have changed a little bit, and so, joining us to explain things for you, is DSI Witness News’s Halloween correspondent, Jeremy Kepler.

Kleinschmidt is “Otto Emission”

Chapel Hill mayor Mark Kleinschmidt is with us all week long, and so far we’ve had a lot of fun. But many of you have written in wondering: why does Mayor Kleinschmidt keep playing himself? Wouldn’t it be more fun if he got to play a wacky character too? Well, your wish is our command. And joining me to help make that happen, is UNC’s environmental mascot, Woody Biomass.

Car Free Day!

Woody Biomass came in to the WCHL studios to talk about Car Free Day.

Aurora Runs for Town Clerk

This Tuesday, our head writer Aaron Keck begins a new job as a news writer for 1360 WCHL, which means he will no longer be appearing here on DSI Witness News, either as an anchor or as a real-life character—though you may hear him from time to time as a fictional character, should the situation arise. In a totally unrelated story, the Carrboro Board of Aldermen is interviewing candidates to replace outgoing town clerk Sarah Williamson, who’s stepping down after 37 years. Joining us today is one of the leading candidates: self-proclaimed Clerk Of The Future, and Carrboro citizen extraordinaire, Ms. Aurora Joplin.

Sammy Slade Picks a Bank

In a totally unrelated story, the Carrboro Board of Aldermen remains deadlocked this week as the members try to decide which bank they’re going to use to handle the town treasury. Joining us to explain this issue further is Carrboro Alderman Sammy Slade.

Mark Chilton Wins an Emmy

Fiona is leaving for college, Aaron is now working at WCHL, Mark Chilton wins an Emmy, underage drinking citations on the rise, an incompetent SBI, Southern Season, PETA in Massachusetts, and New Hope Elementary School has crying arteries.