Tammy Martini: Thanksgiving Expert

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we’ve been devoting the week to helping YOU make your turkey-day feast as delicious as possible. Yesterday, we talked about WHERE to buy your food, but today, we’ll talk about how to make it. Joining us with HER advice, is DSI Witness News’s brand-new food expert, Tammy Martini.

Local Thanksgiving Supplies

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away, and people all over Chapel Hill and Carrboro are gearing up for a big turkey-day feast. But where’s the best place to go in town for Thanksgiving supplies? Joining us with a report on holiday food shopping, is DSI Witness News’s Thanksgiving expert, Jeremy Kepler.


UNC lost a lot of games, look at the puppy!, only democrat left, look at the puppy!, Rhodes scholarship winner, look at the puppy!, Roscoe P. Coltrane, puppies, landfills, and more puppies!

An Aurora Joplin Arbor Day Christmas

TODAY, the Town of Chapel Hill will hold a TREE planting ceremony at the Homestead Aquatic Center in order to celebrate Arbor Day. During the ceremony, the town will receive a Tree City USA Award from the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources AND students from Mrs. Morgan’s 2nd grade class at Seawell Elementary School will help plant the ceremonial tree. Here to comment on the town of Chapel Hill’s celebration of Arbor Day is Carrboro Citizen par excellence extraordinaire Aurora Joplin.

License Plate to Kill

Last Tuesday, a spokesman for the Department of Motor Vehicles told a transportation legislative committee that an unwieldy number of license plates in North Carolina are too colorful and crowded to be easily read by traffic cameras and policemen. Here to comment is DSI Witness News’ own liaison to the DMV, Department of Transportation spokesman, Mack Freedman.

Romeo & Juliet: Western Style

An eighth case of rabies, NCAA sanctions and investigations, the tutor discovered, and Kit and Molly perform a snippet of Western Romeo & Juliet.

ARRRbor Day

The town of Chapel Hill will hold a tree-planting ceremony on Friday to celebrate Arbor Day. Yes, that famous NOVEMBER holiday: Arbor Day. During the ceremony, students from Mrs. Morgan’s second grade class at Seawell Elementary School will help plant the ceremonial tree and share what they have learned about trees in the form of song, art and what they call “po-e-TREE.”

John Henson: UNC Hero or Gyro?

The defending, defending national champion UNC men’s basketball team kicked off their season on Friday with a win over the Lipscomb Bisons, and the star of the game was none other than sophomore forward John Henson, who bulked up in the offseason and got rewarded with a career-high seventeen rebounds and seven blocked shots. Joining us again with a comment on the game, is UNC basketball star, John Henson.

Unnecessary Censorship

DSI Witness News presents top stories of the week with a lot of unnecessary censorship.

Woody Biomass is Sufficiently Charitable

Daylight savings time, reliving the past, Tanger Outlets, UNC Mens Basketball Team, RSVVP day.