Marry Me, Ron Stutts – The Alternatives

AARON: It’s another edition of DSI Witness News. I’m Aaron Keck.

MOLLY: I’m Molly Buckley. Last Sunday at Top of the Hill, Ryan and Celeste Evans were married as part of WCHL’s Marry Me Ron Stutts contest, a 30,000-dollar wedding ceremony that included over a dozen area businesses and took nearly a year to plan.

AARON: And the DSI Witness News writing staff was thrilled and honored to have been able to participate.

MOLLY: Or at least we would have been.

AARON: If we’d been invited.

MOLLY: But we weren’t.

AARON: No hard feelings, though.

MOLLY: No, none at all.

AARON: But you may be wondering out there: what’s next? What could WCHL possibly do to top a massive event like THAT?

MOLLY: Well, we’ve managed to obtain an internal document here at the WCHL office with a list of some of the alternative promotions that WCHL has considered, to follow up on the success—

AARON: —of Marry Me Ron Stutts.

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  1. Tom Buckley says:

    OMG! That was Scary Me, Ron Stutts!