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Sammy Slade Picks a Bank

In a totally unrelated story, the Carrboro Board of Aldermen remains deadlocked this week as the members try to decide which bank they’re going to use to handle the town treasury. Joining us to explain this issue further is Carrboro Alderman Sammy Slade.

Mark Chilton Wins an Emmy

Fiona is leaving for college, Aaron is now working at WCHL, Mark Chilton wins an Emmy, underage drinking citations on the rise, an incompetent SBI, Southern Season, PETA in Massachusetts, and New Hope Elementary School has crying arteries.

UNC President Tom Ross

MOLLY: Beginning next month, Aaron will be working as a news writer here at 1360 WCHL. Which means he can no longer appear on DSI Witness News as an anchor OR play the voice of a real-life person, like Sammy Slade, or Mark Kleinschmidt, or everybody’s favorite, Erskine Bowles, the Flying Fist of Justice.

AARON: Sad but true.

MOLLY: In a completely unrelated story, yesterday, the UNC Board of Governors elected Davidson College President Tom Ross to replace Erskine Bowles as UNC system president.

AARON: And so, joining us in the studio today, is our newly elected UNC president, and all-new DSI Witness News character, the honorable Tom Ross.

Dorm Supply Drive

It’s back to school week here in Chapel Hill, and the American Red Cross is marking the occasion with a three-day on-campus blood drive, yesterday, today and tomorrow at UNC.  Here to say more is Red Cross spokesperson, Kenny Chambers.

Tattoo Taylor

For those of you who’ve been following us this week, we were not first in line this morning at the new Krispy Kreme. And speaking of things we’re not getting for free, the owner of Open Eye Cafe in Carrboro has announced that he will no longer be giving free coffee to customers who get the Open Eye logo tattooed on their bodies. However, we have found one man who says you CAN get free swag from OTHER businesses in the area with just a few select tattoos. Joining us today in the studio, Carrboro hipster, August Taylor.

Molly Still Waits for Krispy Kreme

Molly went to grab food, and Kit lost their place in the Krispy Kreme line. Find out what happens…

Molly Waits in Line for Krispy Kreme

Molly Buckley is waiting in line for a year of free Krispy Kreme. Meanwhile, the headlines are Deon Thompson is My Big Fat Greek Point Guard, Socks = Buffalo Wings, Tennessee is scared of UNC, Never Mocking a School Shooting, Whooping Cough is a serious threat.

Confection Zones of Adventure!

This evening, the Chapel Hill Preservation Society will be hosting the second annual Horace Williams Cupcake Festival, named after a nineteenth-century UNC philosophy professor. We don’t know why either. But before that, as always one step ahead, is our own festival, fair, and free-for-all coordinator, Gino Fontanelli.

Sarah Palin’s Foremothers

Sarah Palin drops in the studio to talk about THE FOREFATHERS: All American Sketch comedy with Aaron Keck.


Hillsborough Police Department’s Accreditation, $250 Rewards for the missing statue, “I HEART KIT FITZSIMONS TATTOOS”, Selling alcohol to minors, First rule of Farmer’s Market, Santa or a Pimp?, and the reason for laughing in a courtroom.