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Memorial Day Hippie Dippies

Free hot dogs on Memorial Day, Hippie Dippie Carrboro, Satisfied in relationships?, and Walkable Hillsborough Day.

The Copper Caper

Last week, someone broke into the BB&T building on Elliott Road and stole a large amount of copper drain piping. The theft seems unusual, but police are warning businesses to be cautious. Joining us to say more, from the Orange County Sheriff’s office, Captain Chris Clifford.

Speculators: Wool E. Bull

It’s another edition of The Speculators.

I’m Wool E Bull. You might know me as the silent horn-ed face of the Durham Bulls baseball team. But I can stay silent no longer. This week, when it was announced that the beloved Durham Bulls mascot would soon be retiring, I thought my golden pocketwatch had finally arrived. But then, I was informed that the mascot in question is actually Lucky the Wonderdog.”

An Oil Spring Break!

The Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion has been a general cause for concern over these past few weeks, but now it’s becoming a real issue for us in North Carolina, as a UNC Marine Sciences professor says the oil could make its way up the Carolina coast in the coming year. Well, we can’t wait that long, people, so we pooled our Frequent Flyer miles and flew Kit FitzSimons down to Louisiana this week to report on the ever-expanding slick. We go now to Kit, live from New Orleans.

Bring a Grenade!

A grenade in a goodwill store, Judge Buckner sent to time out, Bud Light Beer isn’t the only thing sold in Bud Light Stadium, my drunk Uncle and the oil spill, the Hunchback of NC State, and Glenn Beck ruined my day.

Dalai Ron Stutts!

With the Carrboro Board of Alderman affirming the right to abortion for town employees and UNC researching testing a procedure that zaps men with ultrasound waves to prevent pregnancy, Orange County’s already low birth rate may go even lower.  Marcia Spector with the Chapel Hill Generation Foundation joins DSI Witness News to explain the danger. Aaron Keck, Molly Buckley.

One Hot Nuclear Shower

Last Saturday, for the first time in seven years, health officials distributed free thyroid cancer prevention pills to residents living near the Shearon Harris nuclear facility. Entire suburbs have arisen in the area since the first round of pills went out—leading many to wonder why people are so willing to move near a nuclear power plant. With us today to answer that question is Raleigh real estate broker, Sally Thomas.

Post-It Note Art for $5!

Jose Cuervo Dome?, Lake levels are looking good… real good, post-it note art for $5, and a bunch of chicken puns. Molly Buckley and Aaron Keck bring you the headlines.

Erskine Bowles and the Flying Fists

Chapel Hill is still buzzing after an attempted kidnapping in broad daylight last week was thwarted by two good Samaritans, Joey and Freddie Shelton. Joining us with his own take on the matter, is outgoing UNC president and self-proclaimed Flying Fist of Justice—Erskine Bowles.

Wanna Get Lei’d?

UNC study finds a new male contraceptive, rats are better than men?, and some folks go to Hawaii. Molly Buckley and Aaron Keck bring you the headlines.