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Accursed Carolina North

Plans for Carolina North have stalled again over budgetary concerns, leading some to believe the project may be cursed. UNC-Chapel Hill resident and parapsychologist Dr. Jonathon Ranier joins to explain the real problem — the entire project is located on top of an ancient Indian burial ground! Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck.

Recycle Those Shells

Orange County is making it easier to recycle oyster shells.  Landfill supervisor Doug Lindsay explains the importance of recycling your oyster shells, despite the fact that Orange County is far from the coast. Aaron Keck, Kit FitzSimons.

“Dangerous” Improvisors Hit Carrboro

The NC Comedy Arts Festival is in its third week — the improv comedy week. Hundreds of comedians from across the nation have descend on Carrboro, raising the town’s population by four percent and generating thousands in local revenue. But not everyone is excited — in fact, some are worried about the dangers posed by the festival’s success. Joining us again today to talk about those dangers is Chapel Hill Police Department spokesperson, Lt. Kevin Gunter. Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck.

Marrying Man Ron Stutts (BONUS)

Aurora Joplin drops in to see Ron Stutts during his morning show to discuss his “Marry Me, Ron Stutts!” promotion. Ron Stutts, Molly Buckley.

Buy Local Before Someone Else Does!

Roberto da Costa of LocalMotive, a group that has been urging citizens to “buy local,” joins DSI Witness News to share his frustrations with all of the comedians in town for the NC Comedy Arts Festival who have bought up all the local goods — leaving local businesses with nothing but ridiculous amounts of money! Molly Buckley, Kit FitzSimons.

Roy Williams, Metaphor Mangler

UNC basketball coach Roy Williams landed in hot water last week for comments that seemed to compare his team’s disappointing season to the tragic earthquake in Haiti. He joins DSI Witness News to clarify those comments. Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck.

Carrboro Winter Olympics

Carrboro Winter Olympics spokesman Dusty Helms shares the plans for bringing extreme competition to the wintry parking lot of the Carr Mill Mall. Aaron Keck, Molly Buckley, Kit FitzSimons.

Flying Fist of Justice Forever!

Last Friday, UNC President Erskine Bowles, the Flying Fist of Justice, announced he’ll be resigning his position by the end of 2010. He joins DSI Witness News today with a special message for the people of Chapel Hill. Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck.

Eddie Brill

Correspondent Zach Ward interviews Eddie Brill of the Late Show with David Letterman.  Eddie is appearing at 9:00 pm at the Cat’s Cradle on Saturday, February 13th, as part of the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Zach Ward, Eddie Brill.

The Ladies Tea Party of Carrboro

Sally Johnson, president of the Ladies Tea Party of Carrboro, explains her group’s recent unfortunate error regarding the Tea Party Convention. Molly Buckley, Kit FitzSimons.