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“Steel Cut” Brimley

January is national oatmeal month.  Long time oatmeal advocate Wilford Brimley joins DSI Witness News to explain the importance of oatmeal to diabetes prevention. Aaron Keck, Robert Bapst.

Snap into a Slim Jim!

UNC Hospital extension into Hillsborough halted by objections from Alamance Regional Medical Center, new signage in Hillsborough, economic incentive package for ConAgra foods, Taco Bell manager hit in face with a double-decker taco, NC casino battles virus, another rock-slide on I-40, SBI investigating $300k missing from Garner Volunteer Fire Department, filing period for federal and local elections begins February 8. Aaron Keck, Kit FitzSimons.

Captain Obvious Saves the Day!

Captain Obvious rescues correspondent Molly Buckley from a series of obvious headlines — John Edwards admits love child, NC jobless rate goes up, Rockingham County residents might be target of scam, gyms busier after new year. Molly Buckley, Kit FitzSimons.

National Pie Day

Weaver Street Market board member Aurora Joplin shares how last week’s National Pie Day celebration in Carrboro came together and why National Pie Day isn’t the same as Pi Day. Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley.

Edwards, Edwards, Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards’ popularity down (but still higher than Perdue, Burr, or Hagan), Everything But the Coffee author at UNC, Haitian earthquake relief, John Edwards flies to Haiti, Phil Berger donates flags to Eden Rescue Squad, deer tracking with dogs in Orange County?, English Ivy removal in Hillsborough, joyless John Edwards. Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck.

Jasper the Magnificent

State Highway Patrol records of former Governor Mike Easley’s travel from 2005 mysteriously disappeared, and a panel of outside attorneys recently found no evidence that anyone intentionally destroyed or hid any records. Former Highway Patrol intern Jasper (the Magnificent) explains what really happened to the tapes. Katie Barber, Kit FitzSimons.

A House in Rodanthe

Chapel Hill resident Carolyn Kerns has been out protesting the sale and moving of the house from the 2008 film “Nights in Rodanthe” with Dianne Lane and Richard Gere. Carolyn, who is also the president of Beautiful Women for the Preservation of National Love Treasures, explains the reasons for her protest. Kit FitzSimons, Tara Regan.

DMV Wiretapping

Federal authorities are investigating whether the former commissioner of the state Division of Motor Vehicles illegally wire tapped the phone calls of agency employees. Former Commissioner George Tatum, who resigned in 2007 amid a corruption scandal, had a special telephone in his office that allowed him to listen in on the calls of his subordinates without their knowledge. DSI Witness News shares an exclusive copy of one of the recorded phone conversations. Kit FitzSimons, Katie Barber, Robert Bapst.

I Dreamed a Dream of Avatar

Leaky acid truck, “Laser Floyd” light show at Greensboro Natural Science Center, Morehead Planetarium reopens, Chatham County considers redrawing Board of Education districts, Alamance teen accused of stealing motorcycle, Wake Forrest man arrested for string of burglaries, German musical about Barack Obama’s election. Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck, Molly Buckley (brief appearance).

Urban Bow Hunting

Lieutenant Kevin Gunter joins DSI Witness News to explain why — despite the recent arrest of a suspect in connection with a string of burglaries — we cannot let our guard down. Lieutenant Gunter also proposes a unique solution to control crime. Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck.