The Oughts

DSI Witness News presents a musical review of the ’00s.  Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

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  1. DSI Witness News says:

    (sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire)

    Year 2000, Y2K, Dot-Coms and Escalades,
    PEAnuts coming to an end-Puff DADdy and J. Lo,
    Britney Spears’ and Eminem, AOL and AIM.
    Human Genome, Janet Reno, Elian go home

    Internet, e-mail, N’Sync’s record breaking sales.
    Dial-up’s out, Friends are in, Florida is for the win.
    Ulrich versus Napster. What’s a hanging Chad, sir?
    Albright, Clinton, and Al Gore, they all have to say goodbye

    We didn’t vote for W
    No we didn’t decide it
    And Gore tried to fight it
    We didn’t vote for W
    But I don’t think we count
    Since they stopped the recount

    HAL-lo 2001, welcome real millennium,
    Ravens win the Super Bowl, and Kelly Clarkson owns
    Ten Commandments Roy Moore, earthquake in El Salvador
    Johnny Depp and Harry Potter and the Sorc’rer’s Stone

    9-1-1, Afghanistan-Bin Ladin and the Taliban.
    Search for W-M-Ds, Bennifer, Lord of the Rings
    Holland says they’ll marry gays, we see the world’s longest train
    Bomb Iraq! Patr’ot Act! You’ve got mail but it’s Anthrax!

    Someone still voted for W
    It was disconcerting
    But the world was hurting
    Someone still voted for W
    No we won’t deny it
    But we tried to fight it

    Clay Aiken’s Brokeback, Justin’s bringing Sexy Back.
    The Person of the Year is YOU, so SAYS Time Magazine
    Face-book-wi-ki-pedia-John Edwards he got kinkier.
    Britney bares all, shaves her head, and’s gen’rally obscene

    Heath Ledger and the Pope die. Which one made more people cry?
    One Campaign, Saddam Hussein (that’s Obama’s middle name).
    Hope, Change, Not McCains-this country needs to rearrange.
    Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, North Carolina: Blue State!

    Yes, we voTED for THAT guy
    Well we’ve made some progress
    White House and the Congress
    We-ee voTED for THAT guy
    If he screws up, mostly
    We’ll just blame Pelosi

    Barack Obam’s Inauguration, history is in the making.
    Should we just forget the horrors of Guantanamo?
    Swine Flu, Air France, Where In The World Did Matt Dance?
    Large Hadron Collider never made a black hole

    The US EcoNOmy tanks, thanks to all those Zombie Banks
    Switzerland arrests Polanski, Kevin Wolff hates Matt Czachowski
    Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, Brittany Murphy, Patrick Swayz!
    Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, We’re still in Afghanistan.

    WE didn’t LIKE this decade
    It was KINda crappy
    And not VERy happy
    CAN’T we ALL just get neck-ade?
    Drink us SOME Bacardi
    And go OUT and party!