Archive for December 2009

The Oughts

DSI Witness News presents a musical review of the ’00s.  Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

New Carrboro Poet Laureate

Carrboro artist and owner of Jackie Helvey joins DSI Witness News to describe the new selection process for the Carrboro Poet Laureate. Get your application at and apply by January 8, 2010. Kit FitzSimons.

Year End Review

Bill Strom is joined by Aurora Joplin to recap the highlights of 2009. Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley.

Holiday Banter

Zach Ward and Kit FitzSimons joined Ron Stutts for some witty holiday banter on how they celebrate the holidays — and we caught some of it on tape.  Happy Holidays, from DSI Witness News.  Kit FitzSimons, Zach Ward.

Officer Gunter’s Holiday Safety Advice

Shopping season, sadly, means thieves.  Chapel Hill Police Officer Kevin Gunter offers some advice on how to stay safe at the mall this year. Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck.

A Holiday PSA You Can Count On

Governor Bev Perdue has recently appeared in a flu prevention public service announcement with Elmo.  Because the PSA has been so popular, Elmo and Governor Perdue have come together to do another one!  Plus, a surprise visit from The Count!  Aaron Keck, Kit FitzSimons, Bryan Barnes.

Bread and Milk

This past weekend, NC was frightened by the prospect of winter weather, right here in the Triangle.  Leche Pan, the owner of several Triangle area convenience stores, joins DSI Witness News to discuss the Triangle’s deep-seated fear of being without bread and milk during their twice or thrice yearly snow scares.  Zach Ward, Amanda Scherle.

Post-Theoretical Storm Disorder

Snow in the Triangle (sort of), untreated waste water spill in Eden, fire on Tinkerbell Road in Chapel Hill, four $5 bills stolen from Kangaroo Express, Senator John Edwards voted “Most Disappointing Public Figure of 2009.” Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

The Perfect Superintendent

Orange County solid waste going to Durham, Carrboro community activists’ candlelight vigil, Durham’s Kitchen Table Conversation seeks new public school superintendent (in song). Aaron Keck, Kit FitzSimons.

Aaron and the Chipmunks

DSI Witness News is dedicated to bringing you hard hitting, fast breaking news.  Here with a summary of the the DSI Witness News philosophy (in song) are our fastest reporters, Aaron and the Chipmunks!  Molly Buckley, Bryan Barnes, Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck.