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Dressing for Peanuts

Dress for Success in Chapel Hill, Holly Springs man lies about lightning strike at home, Bensen, NC, celebrates Mule Days, UNC sorority members charged with “constructive possession” of cocaine, Plains, GA, celebrates hometown hero Jimmy Carter and peanuts, fundraising for 2010 General Assembly elections begins! Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

“Push” Poll

Chapel Hill mayoral candidate Kevin Wolff was recently accused of conducting a push poll, seeking to influence voters though polling. Wolff’s campaign manager Peter Foxx clears things up for us. Kit FitzSimons, Aaron Keck.

Opposite Day

Chapel Hill mayoral candidates suggest looking to Durham, UNC pedestrian safety awareness, Pope’s spider, BoA customer service, Kevin Wolff threatens to sue “the media,” fox attack, Southern diabetes, new erectile dysfunction treatment, Durham Parks’ “Wolfstock,” “Woof-A-Palooza” in Chatham County, Penny Rich running for Chapel Hill Town Council. Molly Buckley, Kit FitzSimons.

Too Many Signs

Local resident Carol Oliver shares her thoughts on campaign and other signs littering the roadways. Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley.

Bill Strom, Evil Genius

Former Chapel Hill Town Council member Bill Strom joins DSI Witness News to explain his abrupt and unexpected departure from Chapel Hill. Robert Bapst, Kit FitzSimons.

Taco Tuesday?

New UNC gas guidelines, UNC Climate Action Plan, copper theft, free shred-a-thon in Raleigh, member of Cosmetics Board may be fired again, Dirty Dancing town mourns death of Patrick Swayze, PETA protesting bow and arrow hunt, Hillsboro honors city employees. Molly Buckley, Kit FitzSimons.

Sweeney Ted

Miss Runs-A-Lot shares the tale of Sweeney Ted, the demon hippie cobbler of Fleet Feet. Word. Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley.

The Butter Bridge

Durham Bulls win Governor’s Cup, Jessica Simpson’s poodle snatched, P!nk‘s Twitter fairies, Mad Men Emmy, Adam and Eve virginity study, John Edwards may acknowledge he is the father, Chinese butter bridge, “Humble Bob” Shoudt eats 33.5 burritoes at New Mexico State Fair, local girl helps deliver her own baby sister. Molly Buckley, Kit FitzSimons.

Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch Grocer shares his personal story of learning not to be so grouchy, thanks the the great folks at the Paperhand Puppet Intervention theater company. Kit FitzSimons, Robert Bapst.

Hubble Windows Vista

UNC Sorority Bid Day, Chapel Hill couple trying to adopt Ethiopian, dogs not to be allowed at outdoor dining areas, Kevin Wolff‘s green plane, NASA unveils new Hubble photos, Durham parents upset about new reading curriculum, online Monopoly game. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.