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White Cross Tractor Pull

Richard Williams from White Cross announces tractor pull event to stimulate the economy. Zach Ward.


Picasso exhibit at Duke, candidate Darius Little jailed… again, counterfeiting ring in Carrboro, revised tuition bills from UNC, British man climbs skysraper, 50 M people drunk at any given moment, For Bragg cuts early morning alcohol sales, NCAWARE system, cutting post office costs, Tomato Day at Carrboro Farmers Market. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

WAVE Hello to Chapel Hill

WCHL Carribean tour sweepstakes actually a winner exchange with an Aruba radio station. Chaz Phillip Masters of Aruba excited about coming to Chapel Hill. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

LifeGem® is People!

Indie record label celebrates 25 years, Mick Jagger turns 66, LifeGem® is made from people!, Taco Bell chihuahua passes away, Edgecombe County crys “boil water!”, cocaine near Wake County school, U.S. wins world ultimate frisbee competition, Carrboro public works hires goats, front lawn parking, UNC scooter commuters to pay less for permits, swine flu at Duke summer camp. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

John Betz Jr. Improvises the Headlines

Carolina’s Funniest Comic John Betz Jr. jokes about football, stolen cars, and his Facebook status. Zach Ward.

Chapel Hill Mayoral Race Heats Up

Five challengers to current Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton for the position of mayor of Chapel Hill: (1) a Mexican hair dresser, (2) Professor Rumpelstiltskin,  (3) a party lover, (4) a cat/pie lady, and (5) an Italian former FBI agent. Zach Ward, a bunch of adorable kids.

Cardboard is for Breakdancing

Giving up unaffordable pets, Kidzu welcomed 100,000th visitor, cardboard recycling, Durham named a “Playful City, USA,” health danger found in sandboxes, DSI summer comedy camps, California teenager sails solo around world, Sotomayor confirmation hearings, Greenbridge “topping off” ceremony. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

Cutting Men’s Basketball

UNC Vice Chancellor Richard Mann shares his thoughts on cuts related to the state budget shortfall and his strategy to end on a high note.  Why cut a bit from all departments when UNC Chapel Hill could balance their budget by cutting just one program? Kit FitzSimons, Zach Ward.

Crime and Punishment

Bomb threat call-in service, 150-figure bill at Wolfgang Puck restaurant, brontosaurus head committee formed, Madoff arrives at North Carolina prison, porno soundtrack used to repell kids, bagel bandit back in police custody, world’s largest cupcake, attempted air mattress repair blows up apartment. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

Getting to Know Ron

After months of being on WCHL, DSI Witness News finally gets to know North Carolina native and radio host Ron Stutts.  We learn that neither Ron, nor the Pope, nor the transgender mayoral candidate will be going on the WCHL Caribbean vacation. Also, Ron likes fast cars and claims to know the alphabet. Zach Ward.