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Health Watch Update – Celebrity Deaths

In the wake of the deaths of Micheal Jackson, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Billy Mays, epidemiologist Dr. Charles Milliner Webber explains why the “celebrity death” virus is now officially a pandemic. Learn what you can do to protect your family and the future of entertainment. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

Port-O-Potty Protection

Misdemeanor to harm port-o-potties, non-native fish in North Carolina, Indiana Pacers draft Tyler Hansbrough, WRAL anchors leave station, death penalty protest hikers lose five to heat stroke, Steve Jobs gets liver transplant, bird bone flute found, “close to breaking up” vacation for Chinese couples. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

Woodchucking In Carrboro

Carrboro man finds woodchuck, Oprah staff going on world cruise, Sotomayor quit membership in women’s club, couples rethinking expenditures, Steve Jobs recovering, solar LEDs in Raleigh, NC DOR requiring proof of 5+ children. Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley.

Carrboro Pet Semetary

And now for a word from our sponsor — Matt Stevenson of the Carrboro Pet Crematorium! Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley, Bryan Barnes.

Safe Text

Carrboro and Cedar Grove libraries remain open, impending state budget cuts likened to tsunami, making nursing homes more like home, Easter decoration eviction, wedding presents for Haitian brides, “BrdsNBz” Text Line, texting while driving bill signed. Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley.

Hillsborough Hog Day

Babe the Pig explains how Hillsborough Hog Day wasn’t exactly what he was expecting. Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley.

Farm Talk

Summer Solstice celebrated at Stonehenge, Hot Rooster at Hillsborough Hog Day, new candidate for Chapel Hill Town Council, British government offers Support for Spelling, blood drive in Carrboro, Robert Pattinson hit by a taxi, free tickets to High School Musical 2, AARP national spelling bee, North Korean ship carrying nukes?, farm talk between Carrboro Board of Aldermen and local farmers, Vermont dairy farmers changing diets to reduce emissions. Kit FitzSimons, Molly Buckley.

No Apologies

Pool safety slowing pool openings, Arts Center satellite facility at University Mall, Arts Center executive director stepping down, Varsity/Chelsea theaters still seeking buyer, Sarah Palin demands apology from David Letterman, Chapel Hill Town Council adopts new budget, blind tiger, Girl Scout Gold Award winner, family fun day reenacts 19th century school day. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

I’m Against It!

The North Carolina Republican Party recently held elections for its new party leader.  NC GOP “also ran” Eric Singer joins DSI Witness News to explain his why he lost the race for party chairman despite his straightforward platform. Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons.

Got a Second?

UNC baseball loss to Sun Devils, New York city trapping geese to save aircraft, Alaska’s Rat Island, South Carolina band director confused about North Carolina age of consent, moonshine and shotguns at day care, students hit fire truck, problems at NC State, second Hillsborough fire district… as a backup. Zach WardKit, FitzSimons.